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Cook Eat Repeat
Cook Eat Repeat

From important meetings to fun dates, your daily life is full of events that you just don’t want to miss. Time becomes a commodity to the point where healthy eating hits the bottom of your priorities. Home cooking? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

We are Edmonton’s own one-stop meal-kit service, a team of passionate professionals working hard to promote healthy eating and transform inconvenient home cooking into a quick, simple and fun experience! With us you can take a break from never ending meal planning and grocery shopping and join the revolutionary movement of smart home cooking!

How To Cook. Eat. Repeat.

Step 1

You pick from a delicious weekly menu.

Step 2

We deliver everything you need to your door.

Step 3

You cook and enjoy your healthy meals.

Healthy Selections

Our unique menu is designed by a Registered Dietitian. We offer twelve nutritionally balanced recipes every week, so you get to cook exciting dinners every night.

Sourced Locally

We work hard to source our ingredients locally and seasonally, ensuring peak nutritional quality and taste. We are proudly working directly with Albertan farmers and purveyors.

Humanely Raised Meats

We take pride in sourcing humanely raised meats and eggs. It’s our responsibility to take care of our planet by following high ethical standards in ways we raise and eat our food.

Reducing Food Waste

We send you exactly what you need to cook your dinner, so no more rotting cilantro in your fridge or leftover ingredients with questionable quality

Endless benefits

Let’s be honest, you will never get as healthy of a diet by eating out, so we give you the convenience of a take-out meal, but with all the health benefits attached!

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Please note that Cook.Eat.Repeat. is a service that can help you to achieve your nutritional and wellness goals and is not intended to be a nutrition intervention, treatment for a disease or condition or a weight loss intervention. In case if you require a personal meal planning services, individual counselling or assistance, we would be happy to refer you to a Registered Dietitian in your area. All the information we provide is not to be taken as a medical advice, self-diagnosis tool and is not intended to substitute assessment, diagnosis, intervention from your doctor or another health care professional. Please consult your physician before purchasing any products or services.